Spinderella Remixes Eddie Kendricks


What a musical giant!  Eddie Kendricks was so very instrumental in creating one of the biggest male groups of all times.  The Temptations was OUR version of The Beatles. 

I loved The Temptations sound as well as Eddie’s solo music later on (Keep on Truckin’ Baby and Boogie Down are two of my favs).  Thanks to my dad, I have an appreciation of music that I might not have been exposed too.  My dad RAVED over The Temptations.  That high pitched voice of Eddie’s was like no other.  Someone described his falsetto as smooth and velvety and it was just that.  Perfect!

Spin on Eddie’s Attitude

One thing the show didn’t explain was Eddie’s attitude.  People interviewed on this episode said that Kendricks was very level headed but that would later change. I wonder if drugs played a part in his attitude change?   They didn’t say.    He had so much on him.  He took on a lot of the group’s responsibilities including their style and what they wore.  You can see how that might weigh on a person. Hmmm… I wonder?


Why Spin Identifies with Eddie Kendricks

I identified with Eddie for several reasons.  For one, he was part of a group and I know all too well about group dynamics.  Also, as a member of one of the most famous groups, The Temptations, he was an instrumental key member.  In groups there are always different roles.  There is the leader type that goes with the program and that is how he was and that’s how I was.  Then there’s the outgoing type; think David Ruffin or Bobby Brown.  Everyone in a group has a role to play and it works for a minute, a short minute and then it starts to implode. 

With so many members of a group, it becomes cliquish.  I liked how Eddie was loyal no matter what.  He stuck by his boy Paul side’s and was even cool with the newest member.  He stuck up for David Ruffin when Ruffin was wilin’ out. I admire him for that because that is the type of quality I stand behind.  He was definitely a man about his business.

The Business of Being in the Business

This business will beat you’re a*s if you know what I’m saying!!!! That’s why it’s so important for artist to watch Unsung and learn from these stories.  Everyone has a story but we have to learn from the past to move forward.

In this business, you never worry about paying for liquor (and other things) because when you are a celebrity it’s handed to you.  You have to have discipline and do things in moderation!  You have to have the right people around you or this business will have you being carried out in a coffin before your time.  Eddie was only 52!!!! 52!!!!! He died so young.  That’s the TRAGIC part but musically he left some gems that will always be remembered from generation to generation.


Spin on Eddie’s Style & Swagger

I can see why the ladies loved Eddie!  He was tall, so cool and stylish!  His laid back demeanor was a positive magnet for women.  I guess that’s why the ladies would show up in lingerie.  LOL!!!!

The Temptations had it going ON!  They raised the standard for male groups; not just black groups.  HELLO!  Eddie had a part in their styling, their sound and that’s why we have had so many successful male groups, New Edition from  my era, for example. I’m sure they all looked to The Temptations for style and grace.

The Longevity of Eddie Kendricks

Eddie Kendricks broke barriers as a member of The Temptations but then he went on to have a successful solo career.  He basically had TWO careers.  That’s what every artist dreams of and not everyone can say they achieved that!

I might not have been around back in The Temptations era but I know the impact that group had on music as a whole. His talent, his swagger and his unique voice will live on forever!  Keep on Truckin’ Baby!!!!!


Spinderella AKA Spindeezy

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