Spinderella Remixes Mint Condition


I really enjoyed this episode.  Mint Condition touches my heart in a special way thru a certain song I would play over and over.  Read on to find out which one!







Mint Condition’s Sparkle

I love Mint Condition as a band.  The one that stands out the most is Stokley Williams.  His voice is INCREDIBLE!  I truly believe that Stokley growing up around his dad’s eclectic group of friends helped him grow into a musical genius.  It also didn’t hurt that the band was from Minneapolis- a place where bands were on FIRE at that time.  In my experience, the one’s that “make it” are the ones that have more than one talent and Stokley definitely fit that bill.  In this industry, you have to bring it!!!!!  

The fact that he was offered the opportunity to go solo but stayed says a lot.  It’s not a bad thing to go solo, look at Beyoncé or Bobby Brown,  for example.  I’m sure it was pretty  tempting for them!!!  But I gained a lot more respect for Stokley when I found out he wouldn’t leave because he LOVES his band.  He is a team player, no doubt!

It’s good to note that no one in the band was lazy.  You can see how they all have contributed in one way or another to their “unsung” sound.

The 8th Annual Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage

Is Mint Condition One of the Last Great R&B Bands?

Throughout this episode, Mint Condition was constantly referred to as “one of the last great R&B bands,” and I kept wondering, WHY???? Their competition at that time was KILLIN it!!! Groups like Jodeci, Boys II Men and Silk had it going on but the difference was that Mint Condition were all musicians that played their own instruments.    In some of their earlier music videos they didn’t showcase themselves as a band so a lot of people didn’t know that they were and are a full-fledged band! 

For the record, there are some great underground bands that go HARD.  These bands are simmering everywhere and are most likely influenced by Mint Condition.  Keep your ear to the underground because that’s where we are going to find our next Mint Condition.

Spinderella on Trying New Sounds

For a hot minute, Mint Condition tried their hand at more up tempo music like “new jack swing” but it didn’t work out for them.   I have to applaud them for trying!  If you can claw your way thru and gain respect as an artist,  you will come out with major success and that’s exactly what Mint Condition did. 

Portrait Of Salt N Pepa

That 80s & Early 90s Style

Oh my!  That fringe jacket with the white leather v neck collar with mesh/leather pants.  LOL!!!! I guess I shouldn’t be talking because I know Salt-N-Pepa had some crazy looks back then. LOL!  CRAZY!!!!

Why Mint Condition Had Me Swingin’

I know there’s a million stories to go with their signature song “Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” because it’s their #1 song.  When that was out it even beat out Prince and Michael Jackson on the charts –  that’s HUGE for an underground band.   Another favorite Mint Condition song of mine was "U Send Me Swingin,"  off  "From The Mint Factory," album.  It wasn’t just my favorite, my four year-old daughter LOVED Mint Condition too.  In fact, "U Send Me Swingin" was SWINGIN’ in my car EVERY TIME we got in it.  LOL!!! That was HER song but she knew ALL the words to EVERY song on that album !!!!

Once, I actually hid the CD from her because that is all we could ever listen to in the car and she found it. LOL!!!  She was like  “Look mommy!  Here it is!”

Whenever I hear that song or any song from that album it makes me think about my daughter at four years-old singing her heart out.

If you can appreciate Mint Condition’s unique sound, then you will be a fan forever. They definitely have a cult following!!!!   If Mint Condition comes to Dallas, I’m THERE! 

You haven’t heard the last of this great R&B band. I truly believe their best is yet to come!!!!!!!

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