Pioneering rap duo EPMD blazed a trail in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s with a chart-topping brand of funky beats and their trademark monotone rapping style. While many of their counterparts were pillaging James Brown’s catalog, Eric Sermon and Parrish Smith relied on fresh samples from groups like Zapp and Parliament, along with rock vibes from icons like Eric Clapton and ZZ Top.

They became one of the most consistent and bestselling artists of their era with four straight gold albums, while discovering and nurturing fresh talent along the way.. But their careers were rife with beefs over money, culminating with  a robbery at Parish’s house that police tied to Eric.  For this episode of Unsung, they are joined by friends and fellow stars Redman, DMC, Keith Murray and more, as EPMD’s dueling emcees come clean about their business to tell the tale of an extraordinary career that hasn’t yet let up.

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