Isaac Hayes

Waterfront Blues Festival

Before Barry White and Teddy Pendergrass, there was Isaac Hayes, whose music set the scene for romantic seduction on stage and off. But Isaac was more than a legendary ladies man. He was a creative genius, who rose from dire poverty to become one of the driving forces in popular music, co-writing classic hits like ‘Hold On I’m Comin’ and ‘Soul Man’, while reinventing popular ballads like ‘Walk On By’ with stunning emotional force. 

By the early 70s he’d become known as ‘Black Moses’ a proud and positive-minded role model whose acts of public and private generosity were legend. But behind the gold chains and dark glasses was a sensitive and insecure figure whose compulsion to provide for others took its toll in unstable relationships, lost fortunes, and a tragically foreshortened career. 

Now, those closest to Isaac, including family members, life-long friends and musical associates, tell the Unsung story of an American icon.

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