Sheree Whitfield Wins Her Custody Battle

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After what’s felt like years of legal back and forth, former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield has finally won her lengthy legal battle over child support.

According to TMZ, ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield, who back in 2000 signed a six-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons for nearly $30 million, has agreed to pay the more than $75,000 he owes the mother of his children.

He has finally admitted to missing 38-month child support payments totaling $2,142 a month. Bob told the courts that his failure to pay was rooted in a lack of funds, going as far as to ask the court to lower his monthly payments. That was a denied, prompting both sides to reach a deal.

Bob will pay $75,000 before Nov. 11 or face the courts. Moreover, he’ll pay $1,000 per month for now over the course of a year before ultimately going back to the originally designated payments.

In other Sheree news, her possibly former hairstylist Miss Lawrence spoke to about life on the show without Lady Whitfield.

I saw “possibly” because there have been rumors, and well, the shade is evident in his response to the site’s question:

“I’m never sad when it comes to change. I think change is necessary for everyone. The only thing that I get sad about is when people move on and they have no direction.

So no, I’m not sad that Sheree is moving on. I think Sheree has her focus and she knows what she wants out of life. I’m excited for her and know the future holds great things for her.”

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