Judge Blocks Tameka’s Appeal Request

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing – August 15, 2012

Tameka Raymond has hit yet another stumbling block in her quest to regain primary custody of the two children she shares with her ex-husband, Usher.

Earlier in the month, Tameka filed documents claiming that the judge who awarded Usher primary custody of her two sons to Usher was guilty of bias. However, the judge has blocked the request — apparently her the impression that she is being a “sore loser.” Or you know, she might just want her kids with her like most mothers.

In any event, TMZ reports:

But this week, the same judge rejected Tameka’s motion — claiming it’s been public knowledge since 2008 that Usher’s lawyer donated to her re-election campaign … and if Tameka cared to look, she would have found out long before her custody trial.

As far as the judge is concerned … Tameka’s just a sore loser.

Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ she plans to appeal.

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