Tameka Raymond’s Lawyer Filed an Appeal to the Custody Ruling

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing – August 15, 2012

Although Tameka Raymond received terrible news following a judge granting Usher primary physical custody of the two children they share together. However, Tameka’s lawyer has already filed a motion to appeal the ruling – and is hitting back at the relationship between Usher’s attorney and the ruling judge.

Straight From The A! has the word:

Tameka’s lawyer alleges that John Mayoue, Usher’s attorney, has won EVERY case that he has ever brought in front of Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane, the Fulton County judge who ruled in the custody case.

Also according to the legal documents filed today, Mr. Mayoue “garnered 83% of the contributions” made for Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane’s reelection campaign…

The Motion also alleges that the Judge did NOT disclose the fact that she had that relationship with John Mayoue prior to the start of the case.  Tameka’s attorney says it’s the judge’s responsibility to disclose that information and NOT the attorney’s job to seek it.

While none of this means that a new trial will be granted, it’s interesting that it’s all being brought to light, so some answers will definitely have to be given.

So stay tuned…. the Raymond vs. Raymond custody battle saga is definitely NOT over.

And as Michelle, who helms the blog pointed out, Usher never took the requested drug test. The singer had been accused of using drugs while in care of his two children.

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