#PermitPatty: White Woman Threatened To Call The Cops On An 8-Year-Old Black Girl, Here’s Why….

by Jessica Lane

June 25, 2018

Photo by Instagram, courtesy of @ladyesowavy

Here we go again! #BBQBecky gained a sister in the struggle this weekend (by struggle we mean criminalizing black people for just living) and her name is #PermitPatty.

Alison Ettel, a San Francisco resident, encountered an 8-year-old girl selling water outside her building. Did her thirst push her to buy a water? Nope. Did she ignore the little girl and walk away? Too easy. She threated to call the police because the girl was selling water without a permit.

Oh but there’s victory in this story, the little girl’s mother (@ladyesowavy) caught the entire thing on camera and shared it this past weekend.

Take a look at the video…

Ettel, CEO of TreatWell (a business that creates cannabis products for people and animals) threatened to call the cops because she had no permit?! Not sure if she realizes this, but the very nature of her business skates a thin line of legality. Everything about this situation reeks of irony, but I digress.

In an interview with Huffington Post, she comes clean about the real reason she threatened to call the cops and apparently, race had nothing to do with it (yea, right 😒).

“They were screaming about what they were selling,” she said. “It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.”

After spending a little time circulating on the Internet, retribution has been served. Several dispensaries eliminated her products from their shelves and cut ties with TreatWell.

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Additionally, she was supposed to be featured in an upcoming documentary about women in the cannabis business, but after seeing this footage, they cut her from the film and removed all content pointing to her business.

I wish there were greater, legal consequences for calling the cops on Black people for absolutely no reason. But there aren’t. Until then, let this be a lesson to those quick with the 9-1-1 trigger fingers. Your actions can circulate faster than a trending topic and the impact to your job, livelihood and finances could be just as swift✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿.

TELL US: Did she get what she deserved?