Tameka Raymond Will Soon Lose Her Home

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing

It appears that not only has Tameka Raymond lost her son due to a tragic accident, her two youngest sons to her ex-husband in a bitter custody battle, but now she’s about to lose her home.

Usher has been trying to sell the home she and their children have resided in for quite some time, though she reportedly had been making that matter difficult for obvious reasons (no shade, I don’t blame her).

Well, Sandra Rose says Usher’s dead set on selling that house and she’ll have to leave soon.

According to my source, who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak on the subject publicly, Usher’s ace in the hole was his attorney John Mayoue, who allegedly worked on the campaign for Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane’s re-election.

My source also stated that Mayoue allegedly acted as her treasurer and he also had ties to the now-defunct law firm of Weinstock & Scavo, where, apparently, there is also a connection to the judge.

Last Friday, Usher allegedly called Tameka on the phone and said to her “How does it feel to have lost your kids? Your son is dead, and now you have lost the boys too.” He continued: “I will let them know that [they] used to have a mother.” She responded, “How do you know I lost? His response, Why do you think I hired John?” “I hate you!”

Foster-Raymond allegedly recorded the conversation.

The decision came down at approximately 2 p.m. today, according to my source who was at the courthouse.

Update: My source, who was at the courthouse when the dramatic decision came down today, says the court document is “blistering” toward Foster-Raymond — just as blistering as the partial verdict was toward Usher Raymond.

My source also said Foster-Raymond will have to give buyers access to see her Roswell mansion — which Usher has been trying to sell for months now. He also said Foster-Raymond will have to move out of the house soon.


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