Tamar Braxton & Hubby Vince on Bad Terms?

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Word around the Web was that Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert were separating. The couple hasn’t been on the best of terms on their Braxton Family Values spinoff series, Tamar & Vince, so when it was reported that the couple put the home they purchased less than a year ago up for sale, paparazzi started doing their squats as they plotted for that second wife status. For naught, though.

During a stop at The Wendy Williams Show, the couple denied stories of a pending divorce. When asked where the rumor came from, Tamar offered a quick “I don’t know” to Wendy Williams and added that she would never throw out rumors of a breakup with her husband for attention because “that’s her baby.”

She did acknowledge that their 15,000 square foot home is indeed up for sale. Why are they selling their house? “Vince found a new one,” Tamar explained. Apparently they were looking to expand their already gigantic home to include a gym, a larger shoe closet, and other rich people stuff, but the builder suggested they just go ahead and get a new home instead.

Both added that when they got married they decided divorce would never be an option.

So they’re not breaking up, they’re just rich.

As you were.

Check out the interview in full below: