Dear Divas: Darling Nikki’s Recap Season 2


Dear R&B Divas,

It’s me!  Your girl DARLING NIKKI and I’m back with my two cents about the second season.

But before I get started, let’s get something straight, I am NOT Diva NICCI GILBERT…. I’m the fabulous love expert for TVONE.TV who tells it like it is  — even to my favorite reality stars  lof ATL. 


Diva Syleena is a lady after my own heart because I’ve been known to curse a chick out every once in awhile but GET TO STEPPIN goes down in history as on of the most over-the-top cuss outs I have EVER seen!  YOU DEFINATLEY GOT MY ATTENTION SISTER!  Watching you flourish as your business empire grows was rewarding but watching you struggle over your mom and sharing your family dynamics was heart wrenching.  We don’t get to pick our family and we must love the ones we have to the best of our ability and you did JUST that! You are a loving MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, WIFE, BUSINESS WOMAN and DIVA.  Stop second guessing yourself and claim the stardom that you deserve and have worked for.


As usual, you were the diva to keep everybody together….before you bounced back to LA.  I hated to see you go but when I saw the first lady of Bad Boy shed a tear; I knew I was witnessing something priceless.  I know those were happy tears but YOU WILL BE MISSED.  Who is going to step in and be the voice of reason?


Did our sunshine come with Diva Angie Stone joined the crew?!  When you pulled out your anointing oil, I screamed Hallulelah!  Diva Angie Stone is too first class for any foolishness and if I didn’t learn ANYTHING else this season, I learned to “stop giving people ammunition to hurt me,”  These strong words from Ms. Diva Angie will live in my brain long after the show is over.


Speaking of newcomers, Diva LaTocha held her own and stayed out of the drama as best she could.  I commend you for rising to the occasion and performing at the SO SO DEF Anniversary concert with your sister despite the fact that the other two members of Xscape were missing in action.  By doing so, you showed your true commitment to your fans and your craft.


I think therapy has agreed with KeKe!  She’s still our crazy diva with her burps, farts and funny faces but she continues to have heart of gold.  Remember the Divas Simply Singing concert when you represented your loved one living with full blown AIDS!!!!! And I loved seeing you hang out (WITHOUT MICHAEL) and bond with Diva LaTocha!  You still may refer to herself as a can of dented green beans but you are ON YOUR WAY!


My new name for you is FIRECRACKER because you went off a couple of times on the Divas but I know it was meant in LOVE.  It was nice to see you and Terez STILL in LOVE but the best part was when Terez said LET’S DO IT and put that beautiful ring on your finger.  I never witnessed a same-sex proposal but  LOVE IS LOVE.  I would love to be a bridesmaid!!!!! 🙂

And last but certainly not least, DIVA NICCI


I know when you birthed the concept of R&B Divas it was about women with talent working for a common goal – like an album or a TOUR!  Despite the drama, don’t lose sight of that!!!  From creating a clothing line to bringing BROWNSTONE back together after over a decade you can do whatever you put your mind too.  In life, there is always going to be someone or something YOU DON’T LIKE but don’t let that situation get the best of you.  MOVE FORWARD.

DIVAS, DIVAS, DIVAS, last season ended on such a positive note – all of you were SHINING at ESSENCE but this season got off to a FIGHTING start! 

Although all the fussing and cussing makes for great reality TV, I would much rather see all of you in a sisterhood that continues to empower us!  Seeing ladies work together to reach a goal is a POWERFUL thing and I know each of you can put aside your differences long enough to make beautiful music together and bring a tour to a city near ME and the rest of your fans! 

This season you showed all of us that all that glitters certainly isn’t gold and there are definitely some thorns among the roses  but at the end of the day you are all TOO FIRST CLASS for THAT! 


Your #1 Fan,

Darling Nikki


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