Verses and Flow Contest Winner


Last month, we wanted to see which of you were real poets. And one of you truly stepped up and were chosen by our panel of judges as the someone with real lyrical skills. 

That person is Tracey Franklin who impressed not only TV One judges but Javon Johnson, a formidable poet featured on Verses & Flow! So what did she win, aside from props? 

How about an all-expense paid trip for two to Chicago for a LIVE Verses & Flow event on January 24!

Want to see how she did it? Here’s her prize-winning poem "Harlem Nights"

"You are my renaissance man.

1920’s cool.

The Hughes to my Langston.

The hues to my blues. 

Tears flow from my eyes

as the Negro speaks of rivers and blue skies.

Wanting to be near you like Minnie, mooching off of your intellectual jazz and Calloway swag.

Fats Waller playing the ivories as I give you the keys to my heart at my own rent party.

Jazz filled sounds of Trumpets, Saxes, and Trombones play legato notes on my intellect.

Each slurred note slaying me into a world of chromatic agony.

Knowing music is my weakness, I cannot counteract with a harmonic.

Already too much dissonance in our love chord.

You made a Duke Ellington crescendo in my life giving me the weary blues. 

A weary torment I will endure for a lifetime.

Your words are my jazz.

Your eyes are the blues to me.

But there is no place I would rather be

on a night like tonight in Harlem."