Diva Blog: Faith’s Farewell


“I’m not about to let somebody dictate my fate.”

R&B Divas:           Atlanta Season 2

Episode 6:             Faith No More

Celebrity Blogger:  Diva Faith Evans

Diva Faith talks about her leaving R&B Divas in episode six to return to LA and the diva drama that should have never went down.  Read her blog to find out how she really feels about R&B Divas: Atlanta.

What’s Up With Diva Faith?

I just got off the road literally!  I got home from Tokyo, Japan late Monday.  I’m jet-lagged for real but it was great!  I’ve definitely been busy!  I just taped my LA performance at the Roxy Theater for a live DVD.  I’m rehearsing for Essence Festival next month and I’m working on music and more television ventures!  The best is yet to come!


Diva Faith on Family

My family is great!  You got a glimpse of my daughter Chyna and my son CJ last year on season one.  Chyna just finished her second year of college!  She was at NYU for her first year but she is back on the west coast attending Musician Institute in Hollywood.  CJ just finished up his junior year of high school!  My last blog, last season, I was getting ready to buy him a Prius for his sixteenth birthday.  Well, he got his Prius but he still doesn’t have his license!!!! He had to bring his grades up before I let him take the test for his permit, which he did.


This year you got a glimpse of my step-daughter T’yanna (Big’s Daughter) on episode three when we visited the old neighborhood in Brooklyn.  She just launched a clothing line named Notoriouss Clothing.  She has t-shirts and hats for now but GET READY!  She loves fashion! 

My son Joshua turns fifteen Monday (June 10) and we share a birthday together!  It’s my birthday too!!!!! Ryder, my little one is literally taking over the household and I’m sending them all to my mom’s house to get a BREAK!  HA!!!!!  


The Diva Drama

The drama between Nicci and Syleena…well, let me start off by saying that only THOSE TWO can weigh in on the REAL DEAL but in my opinion, things should not be played out in a public forum.  I learned that early in my career.  I am a good friend of Nicci and I talk to her often.  People think she is a b*tch but she is not and she didn’t do anything bad.  It was her who brought the “divas” to the table because of their talent and their story.

At the end of the day, all the drama is like a big ball rolling DOWN HILL.  I just think it shouldn’t have been played out the way it was but that’s just me! 

Diva Faith on Leaving for LA

For the most part, I am home with my family.  I’m a mom.  I take my kids to school, etc.  When I do a show, I’m never gone away for that long – two or three days max and those days are carefully orchestrated!!!    I’ll leave my boys with their dad or make other arrangements. I’m a single mom, I have to! 

In the beginning of this season, I wasn’t there initially because I was in LA with my family. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to Atlanta on a moment’s notice and it’s really hard to go back and forth.  I love the divas but I don’t want to interrupt my family life and I would really like to keep it that way.


Diva Faith & Those Tears

I’m happy to get home!  What you saw on this week’s episode was a different kind of tears, not sad tears, happy tears!  At that moment, I was reflecting on the R&B Divas concept that Nicci conceived and that I helped bring to fruition.  Those were tears of seeing first-hand how this project has grown and knowing that I was a part of it.  I am so proud to be a part of this historical TV One show in more ways than one.  Sitting there and looking at my girls, I was like WOW!  Another R&B Divas franchise is about to debut on TV One on July 10 (R&B Divas: LA).  LaTocha Scott and Angie Stone are now a part of the Atlanta cast and congrats to KeKe and Michael on their web series, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MICHAEL.  R&B Divas has grown and continues to grow!

What a lot of people don’t know is that there is a connection between LaTocha and I that you didn’t get to see.  In the 90’s when I was on tour, Xscape was on the same tour.  Back then, LaTocha and the other members of Xscape would play with my daughter Chyna (who is now in college- LOL).  LaTocha even taught her one of her first nursery rhymes.  When I saw her face at the table, still smiling despite what she has been thru in her career, and seeing her in THIS opportunity that’s what the tears were for.

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