Syleena’s Diva-tude: Episode 5


Diva Syleena sounds off about life with the ladies, relocating and the person that helps her keep it all together.

Episode 5:          “You Can’t Hold a Diva Down

Guest Blogger:     Diva Syleena

This episode had a lot going on!  From my management to moving and photo shoots, I was definitely on the move.  I love the title- You Can’t Hold a Diva Down.

Syleena on Management

The whole situation was a red flag for me but I thought we could talk it out.  Whatever!  I took my Patron shot and was good.  NEXT!  My mantra – Life’s rejection is God’s protection. 

Syleena on Moving

I relocated to ATL from Chicago and had a signed lease and everything but when I got there stuff was not straight and I had nowhere to go.  What the cameras didn’t show is how many times I moved!  Before episode #1, I moved three times.  I moved to my sister’s 1 bedroom apartment but then she started getting noise complaints because my kids run around (They are use to space. We had a big basement back home.)  Then I found a beautiful home but that didn’t work out because the owner wasn’t feeling my race then the corporate house.  I moved to a 2 bedroom temporarily – it was beautiful but it was too small, it was really for a single person.  Now I am settled in! Finally!!!! 

I was so serious about not messing up my hair!!!! I just got my weave done and it was raining during the move.  I put on “Sarah,” the name I gave my shower cap, and kept it moving.  Moving is a HOT MESS!

Syleena on her Promo Shoot

I took my girl Monifah with me because she has great style.  I have always liked her style! She has a unique style within herself and is confident about the way she looks.  Mo is my girl and I wanted to get her opinion and plus we are both new to the area so I figured it would be good to go together.  They [promo shoot] were getting ready to clown before I walked out.  Who is wearing THOSE clothes?  Not me!  LOL! It just threw me because the way it went down was stupid! 

The second promo shoot (with the purple dress) went much better!  Wasn’t that dress gorgeous!!!! What you didn’t see is the expensive lamp (I mean REAL expensive) that got accidently broken by the production crew.  Opps!

Syleena on Who Keeps It Together

My manager is my sister, Dr. Syleecia Thompson (DYG Management Group). She has done it for 12+ years. It’s a LOT of work and she has a full time job.  She definitely keeps me together and does a great job with everything! Love you sis!!!!!

Past Reflections:  Syleena on Episode #4 – DC or Bust

14 hours on the bus was RIDICULOUS and I love to travel but that is a long time.  But it was all good!  We were able to bond.  Us [Monifah, KeKe, Michael and I] at Ben’s Chili Bowl was awesome.  We really had some real talk there. 

Drag Queens

The drag queens were so much fun!  AMAZING!  It was awesome to see. I go to drag shows in Chicago a lot. I think I gave my person a $10 tip.  They made their own clothes  and re-created one of my looks.   The purse, the skirt… they really had it down!  They really did their research. 

Michael & KeKe

Michael was OK at the drag show.  I mean what man would be excited about a drag show for real?  Keke does a lot of shows for the LGBT community.  He was worried about Keke traveling so soon [after giving birth] and what you see is him texting/checking in with her doctor.  That’s real talk.  He loves her! 

I was there the whole time KeKe was in labor.  I have known her the longest.  I loved singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars to her belly 🙂

In the Studio with Big Jim

I was eager to work and I love what I do!  When I was told about his track record I was overwhelmed! The Divas and Big Jim!  Wow!

I write [lyrics] really fast so I would always question myself.  I would think that I was not putting my all into it but when Big Jim said that he and Mariah [Carey] wrote a song in minutes he reassured me! That let ME know.  It might be THAT hit even though it didn’t take long to write.

For us, we were not surprised by what Nicci said in the studio.  For us to be surprised, we would be stupid.  That’s how she feels.  That’s it!  There’s no telling somebody who’s grown to do something they don’t want to do.

NEXT WEEK:  The divas are making moves in all the right directions.  Can they power thru their emotions and come out on top?  Tune in Mondays at 10/9C.