KeKe’s Labor Pains: Episode 3


Diva KeKe sets the record straight on her loving marriage while dishing on the divas and her new man, baby Wyatt.   Husband Michael is right by her side to give his take on the diva drama. 

Episode 3: "Labor Pains"

Diva Blogger: Diva KeKe

It felt really good to come clean at the restaurant and tell the ladies exactly how I feel about myself and why Michael and I are together all the time.  People were ALREADY talking about us [Me and Michael] but after this episode I can’t even imagine!!!!!  To be honest, I feel a little vulnerable to America now for showing my heart but the truth is the truth.

Michael and I are fine with what we do. But people ALWAYS have something to say.  The  sh*t irritates me because half the people talking about us don’t have a man.  Go get a dude and then we can talk.

When Nicci suggested that I should seek professional help, I was not offended at all.  It was the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.  Things worked out for Mo [Monifah] going to therapy so it’s definitely a great idea.

At the restaurant I did get a funny feeling that Syleena and Nicci had been talking about me behind my back because they were going back and forth so much.  I’m very close to Syleena but I guess everybody talks about everybody at some point, i guess…LOL!

Michael’s Restaurant Experience

I had to tell everyone (the girls) that I love this woman (KeKe) and I am going to do WHATEVER it takes to make her happy.  Love is doing what you normally would not do.  Love is being a backbone to the person you love until their backbone is strong enough to hold them up.  Love has no limitations.

Everyone has their different version of what love is.  The thing about love is its FELT no matter what.  Love was still in that room.  You could feel it.  It touched me because I could fill the love in that room!

KeKe & Michael on the Gay Issue

A person is a person.  What makes them gay is their sexual preference and that’s none of our d*mn business.  [KeKe]

I’m not homophobic.  I love everyone because God loves me but at the same time everybody has to be responsible for themselves, that’s just the bottom line.  [Michael]

(Want to hear more from Michael? Check back in a few weeks for his own exclusive blog!)

KeKe Talks Labor

When I went to the hospital to give birth it’s like being in the army – time to get SUITED, BOOTED and PUSH.    When I apologized to my midwife for being gassy, let me explain.  When you’re in your ninth month you are constantly farting and constantly burping.  I was full of gas from hell! I’m SERIOUS! The baby puts so much pressure on everything in you. It’s crazy!  I wasn’t fashionable fabulous in labor, I was just being me.  I always look like that.  I just happened to have the baby that day.

Each time is so different.  You would think I would kinda know since I’ve done it SIX times but you are still never quite prepared.  The first ime, I was in labor for 72 hours.  He [the baby] stopped breathing, I stopped breathing. It was horrible.  Another baby passed away before birth but  I still had to go thru labor and  of course, didn’t have a baby to take home.  With “Poopy” I was in labor only a few minutes but I was so numb.  I couldn’t feel anything.  With my little girl, her head popped out and I was like, ‘What is this?’ I thought it was something else LOL and with Kemar all that pushing wasn’t just baby.  Hey! It happens!

CODE PINK was real! That was NO part of the show! It was so  f*chin real and I was like DON’T PLAY WITH ME!  I thought I was going to die.  I was freaked out during the whole pregnancy.  The doctors kept telling me that the baby was going to be small, his stomach was small, it was always something. That’s why if you watch closely I’m asking Michael how much the baby weighs.  I keep saying “how much babe? How much?” Michael proudly said 6 lbs. and 6 oz. and it was like music to our ears. 

This is our second child together. Our son Kemar was sitting on my lap at the fashion show in episode two and he would not leave that glass of water alone! 

The fact that the ladies came to visit and sing was sooooooooo special to me.  They were basically there the whole time throughout my entire pregnancy.  I would text them and tell them, “the doctor said the baby is small,” “the doctor said this or that…”  I was stressed out and they were there for me!  Syleena would sing to my stomach and they would tell me the baby is OK.  We got you! We are praying for you.

Maybe in a few years I’ll have another one…. We will have to see.

NEXT WEEK:  Find out what happens when the divas travel to Chocolate City to show off their gay pride in song.  Tune in Mondays at 10/9C

In the meantime, check out this video of KeKe having some serious labor pains!


I’m happy to report that baby Wyatt is now 3 months and nearly 14 lbs. Isn’t he a cutie!