Michael Has His Say: Episode 6


Michael Ford shares his thoughts on his R&B Diva experience, life with KeKe and their steps in the right direction.

Guest Blogger:                  “The Unofficial Diva” Michael Ford (KeKe’s Husband & Manager)

Episode 6:                         “A Time To Heal”

I never expected to be on a TV Show or anything like that.  I’m a behind-the-scene type of guy.  Since R&B Divas my life really hasn’t changed that much.  KeKe’s the superstar not me. 

Michael on Inviting the Divas to Bible Study

This episode is particularly special to me because I invited the ladies to bible study and reached my goal of bringing the world to church – not just the divas. What you see is a REAL bible study session at a REAL church.  That is the church that KeKe and I belong too – New Jerusalem Baptist.

I invited the ladies because that’s what I do – I invite people to church.  I feel like that’s a responsibility of mine.  We originally got word that Monifah was unable to make it so when she arrived, I was happy.  I just wanted every one  to come out and hear the word.

The pastor was discussing “generational curses” and I jumped in to explain I am NOT that guy [that hurt KeKe] when KeKe spoke about abusive relationships in her family. I’m Michael. I’m KeKe’s new husband and things are different with me.   I just wanted to set the record straight.  Generational curses can be broken if you have faith.  You have to put your trust in him [God] and faith in him.  Because of the faith that KeKe has in God, it allowed her to take another step in a new relationship and we found each other.


Michael on Therapy

I am so proud of my wife!  To see a therapist behind closed doors is hard enough let alone on TV.  If KeKe can do it (and on TV), despite her fears, anybody can do it.  I am a firm believer that God places tools here for us to utilize.  If therapy is a tool that an individual can use to better themselves, then use it.  It worked for us! 

It takes courage just to go to therapy.  The advice I would give is that God respects, cherishes and rewards the risk taker so don’t be afraid to take that risk – something good is on the other side. 

Seeing KeKe cry does sadden me.  I understand her and to see the comments people make is hard because most people do misunderstand her.  It must be really hard to constantly be misunderstood.  I feel empathy when I put myself in her shoes.  I understand her which is why I saw the good GREEN BEANS from the very beginning. 

I have heard comments about me “crippling KeKe.”  No!  Not at all.  I am so proud of her for taking that step. That is what I have wanted for her all along.  Everyone heals at their own pace.

I am with KeKe all the time because she is not only my wife and best friend, but my artist.  I am looking forward to her having more girl time with the divas so I can go play golf.


Michael on Family Life

I love being a dad.  I am a teacher and love sharing my experiences with them.  I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I’ve made.  KeKe and I have two biological  children together but I love all of our kids the same. [We have a  total of six children]

You see KeKe out and about with the new baby [Wyatt] and I have no problem with it.  She is a mommy to six kids and the best mom I know.  All the kids are healthy, smart and thriving. 


Michael on How He Met the Love of His Life

I relocated to Kentucky from Huntsville, Alabama after I received a job offer.  I was skeptical but my grandmother told me that “God loves a risk taker” so I went and never forget that quote.

My new boss took me out to celebrate and I didn’t feel much like going.  We went to a club/lounge and KeKe was there.  She had been dragged out by her mom and didn’t want to be there either.  We were both there with the I-DON’T-WANT-TO-BE-HERE-FACE.   I saw her first and could not take my eyes off of her.  She is gorgeous!  I watched her dance with old guys that most girls her age would have turned away.   I saw that and I was hooked because I could see she was down to earth and had a big heart.  I inched my way closer and closer throughout the night and finally my boss introduced us and we’ve been thick as thieves ever since.  It took me about 2-3 weeks to realize she was KeKe Wyatt.  One night on the phone she told me to GOOGLE her.  She got mad because I wouldn’t.  I told her, I want to find out who you are from you and not the internet.

KEKE COMMENTS:  Yes. I told him to GOGGLE Me.  I was mad that he didn’t know who I was!!!!  He would NOT Google me!

Michael on the Proposal

Two years later we were in Atlanta for Christmas and her family was there. I told her dad how much I loved her and asked for her hand in marriage.  He approved and said how her first husband never bothered to ask.  I proposed on Christmas.  She wanted a carpet steamer and I surprised her.  I brought out the carpet steamer and she was happy and then I pulled out the ring in front of her family. Because Keke is very family oriented, I knew it would make her happy. We’ve been married going on 3 years. 

Michael on Who REALLY Wears the Pants

People think I’m this soft person that gets run over and doesn’t wear the pants in the relationship and that is NOT TRUE.  I am the head of my household.  I wear the pants. I am just a fun loving person and don’t like to argue.  I gave up childish things along time ago.  KeKe doesn’t need a man arguing with her to grow.  She needs someone who is patience, understanding and strong.  That’s me.

KEKE COMMENTS:  My husband is NO B***ch A**!!! He is the best!

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