Nicci’s Big Launch: Episode 2


Diva Nicci dishes on episode two of R&B Divas. Go behind the scenes, and get the scoop on her CURVATO fashion preview, loaded with diva drama and a big surprise.

Episode 2:   “Mothers, Models and Divas”

Diva Blogger: Nicci Gilbert

Before I jump into the second episode, I first have to acknowledge that purple dress I wore to KeKe’s baby shower on the premiere. It was not CURVATO. It was Lane Bryant. It was WRONG and I knew it! I wore it because I was so proud that I could fit in it and I just couldn’t resist (Ladies: You know what I am talking about – being able to fit into something that hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time). My husband even told me it was awful. HINT: Ladies, if your husband tells you not to wear something, LISTEN. My mother even talked about that dress. I read the tweets and even re-tweeted some of them. I have learned to be humble and laugh at myself. I’m cool. I get it. That dress was just WRONG. ☺

OK, now on to the real story — R&B Divas: Episode 2. The show opens with me at the radio station promoting the CURVATO Model Search. I don’t mind singing at the drop of a dime because people always ask but to keep it real, I do get a little annoyed because I want people to know ME for other reasons not just singing and if every time they see me singing it makes it more difficult for me to illustrate my other talents.

The model search was cool. I knew it would be amateur and I really thought I would have more ladies come out but it was short notice, during work hours and another plus-size show was going on at the same time. Beggars can’t be choosey can they?! But in the end, it worked out. I was very happy with the models that represented CURVATO.

To me, a CURVATO girl is sexy, confident and a woman who embraces curves but also understands her health. I am not endorsing to be heavy. I want women to enhance their curves not eliminate them.  

On the radio I discussed my tummy tuck surgery that happened when I was 24. After the scene a lot of people were like, “Are you sure you want to put that out there?” My answer: ABSOLUTELY! I used to be really embarrassed before – I was only 24 at the time but now I realize that I was a little premature making such a big decision. But that is the pressure you get working in the industry. Now a day’s its butt injections and tons of other things but women need to really understand the repercussions. After Kanye West’s mom passed, I decided to speak to the dangers of what could happen and share my story. It’s real out here! Prior to my tummy tuck surgery, I lost 50 lbs. so I had extra skin so I don’t regret my decision but at 24 it was a lot.

Nicci on the Mother’s Day brunch

I thought it would be great to introduce CURVATO to the ladies and celebrate that we are all mothers. I wanted to show that we do MORE than shop and buy expensive clothes. Our children and our families are the reason we do this [work].

The divas are my girls and they are brutally honest and at this point that’s what I needed. I wanted them to see the CURVATO collection and give me their feedback. They loved it all! I was like, ”Are you for real?” But I’m not going to argue with them. If they love it, they love it! I admire all the divas for their style.

I wanted Syleena to be a part of the show. She is simply gorgeous and has done professional modeling (She modeled for the Wilhelmina Full Figure division for 5 years). We are a lot alike. She reminds me of my younger self. Syleena is 35, I’m 42 and fabulous. ☺

Nicci on surprising Faith

I couldn’t have my girl Faith there during a Mother’s Day celebration and none of her kids present. So, I got on the horn and made it happen. China [Faith’s daughter] is a curvy CURVATO girl and I wanted her to rock the signature piece. To see our daughters together I couldn’t handle it! They are all grown up!

Nicci on Monifah’s drug abuse and relationship with her daughter 

Monifah is the most amazing and bravest person I know. Any woman can make a mistake but realizing and wanting to grow from that is AMAZING. To say in front of the world I MESSED UP makes her an example for mothers and children in similar situations. It happens more in our communities than not. I applaud her for caring less about what people think and being real.

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Video: Watch Nicci get the CURVATO models ready to strut their stuff!