Monifah’s Big Surprise: Episode 4


Diva Monifah dishes about writing new music, surprising the ladies and who she is REALLY in love with.

Episode 4:         DC or Bust

Guest Blogger:   Monifah 

DC or Bust was a fun episode for me!  The show starts off with me working with Big Jim and Syleena and Nicci in the studio.  I was emotional.  I was just trying to figure out my next move. I’m not signed and I am trying to do everything from the ground up.  I was just thinking of my journey and I don’t hold stuff in.  When I need to cry, I cry. I don’t hold it in and that is what keeps me OK. There is strength in my tears. 

Monifah on Nicci in the studio

What you didn’t see is how I really felt when Big Jim and Nicci were discussing her “passion” for music.  Nicci was there. She was supportive.  She doesn’t have to defend her lack of passion for music & her desire to explore other talents & opportunities. Nicci is not a one trick pony. To keep it real, I was a little annoyed that he was belaboring the point.

Monifah on road trip to DC 

When Faith announced she was going to DC and she wanted us to come I was like we are going to have FUN!!!  DC is one of my old stomping grounds and Gay Pride in DC use to be fun so I was too excited about going.  I have lots of friends in DC.

The bus ride was long but we bonded!  That’s when we really talked.  It was real cool and we got a good understanding of each other.

Monifah on her diva surprise

I had this idea [drag queen showcase featuring us- the divas] for a while and I wanted to do this for the girls for a while so when Faith said we were going to DC I knew I had to make it happen.  Shiqueeta Lee [drag queen featured] is my buddy.  She is FABULOUS and well known in DC!  I use to stay at her house when I would come to DC.  I called her and she got her girls together and made it happen.  They got our looks from that time period down!  That’s what they do. It’s part of the “drag” culture.  They are true artists. Some of them are seamstresses and make their own costumes but they are really great performers.  FABULOUS!

Monifah’s style

The denim jacket I was rocking in this episode is one of my favs.  The combination of the studs with the bleaching is so “funky brewster.”  It’s from the ATL based designer J. LOREN.  

Past episode reflections from Monifah

In episode 3 “Labor Pains,” I really think Nicci was misunderstood and Syleena was NOT being a bully.  KeKe was opening up to us and we were listening.  She opened up and that’s O.K. 

Monifah’s true love

I am in love with baby Wyatt.  He is so cool and so chill. He is funny.  He has a fat head and KeKe’s facial expressions. 🙂  I named him MOOMOO and it stuck!  Now everyone calls him MOOMOO.  I officially gave him his nick-name. I was just so lovin’ on that baby.  I love babies. 🙂

Next Week:   Diva Syleena’s patience is tested in more ways than one and is being a new mommy Monifah’s next job?  Tune in Mondays at 10/9c.