Did You Know? Vanessa Bell Calloway Celebrates Nine Years Of Being Cancer Free With Topless Photo

by Krystal Franklin

October 26, 2018

Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Yep, Vanessa Bell Calloway had breast cancer! We’re just as shocked as you are, but even moreso thankful the iconic actress has celebrated nine years of being cancer free! She shared the news on in Instagram posing topless and looking damn good at 61-year-old.

“TODAY 9 years ago OCTOBER 26,2009 I entered the hospital and had a 12 hour surgery. I had a #mastectomy and then a #breastreconstruction I had stage zero #dcis #breastcancer Thank #god I got my yearly #mamogram and found it Now I’m #cancerfree #praisegod from whom all blessings flow #knowyourgirls #beatcancer”

Other celebrities like Serena Williams have joined the annual cause of promoting women to “touch their girls” or “themselves” during October, the national awareness month for Breast Cancer.

According to BreastCancer.org, “While overall rates of breast cancer in black and white women are about the same, black women are 20% to 40% more likely to die from breast cancer. The reason for this disparity is likely due to several factors, including genetics, the biology of the cancer, and differences in healthcare.”

Do us a favor and touch your girls ladies. Our presence is vital for the nourishment of our families and communities, but more importantly ourselves.

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