CeCe Peniston

GBR: “Big Gay Out” Concert

CeCe Peniston burst onto the ‘90s music scene with the infectious anthem “Finally," taking over the charts and becoming one of the most successful dance club artists in history. A soulful singer with the range to take on any song, CeCe effortlessly sang R&B, dance, gospel and jazz, and went Top 5 with hits like "Keep On Walking," "We Got A Love Thang," and "I’m In The Mood."

But after the huge success of her first hit, CeCe became synonymous with a narrow formula, leaving many of her fans and her record label wanting to hear little else. CeCe pushed for a greater R&B focus but ultimately alienated her core audience and ended up without a record deal.  Off stage, she struggled through two failed marriages and the loss of nearly her entire fortune. But CeCe’s tenacious spirit carried her through.  In this revealing episode of Unsung, CeCe candidly reveals the story of her rise to fame, her struggles to find her place in the music business and the heartbreaking personal setbacks she’s struggled to overcome.