Love That Girl 2014 Season: Episode Descriptions


Get the run down on each episode of Love That Girl  here and tune in Fridays, starting January 24, 2014  at 9/8c for all new episodes!  


The Best Man For The Job

Tired of too many taxes, Delroy decides to run for city council with Imunique as his campaign manager.  Delroy doesn’t take his thuggish opponent seriously, only to find out he is stiff competition.  Meanwhile, Fabian and Adonis set up Jasmine with a seemingly perfect guy.

Love With a Limit 

Delroy struggles with maintaining a serious relationship with new girlfriend Bridget, because of her a fifteen-year-old son, Cordell… who doesn’t want a stepfather.  When Delroy helps Cordell out of some trouble, they are able to work out their differences.  Meanwhile, Latrell pretends to be Imunique’s singing manager when she gets a meeting with an A&R Director.

Poppin’ Bottles

Kelly (Delroy’s other daughter) comes back with a BIG surprise! At first, Delroy is excited, but then goes through a mid-life crisis and starts dressing younger.  The gang puts on an intervention to make it stop.

The Twilaugh Zone

Latrell falls asleep watching the Twilight Zone and falls into a dream state where he, as “Fraud Sterling,” narrates supernatural stories starring the whole gang: Delroy gets too greedy when selling a property that everyone wants to buy, Adonis keeps sending back the same plate of food for the rest of his life, and Latrell loses the ability to say anything but his comedy catchphrase.

You Don’t Have To Go Home, But…

Returning a favor, Latrell lets his friend Armando crash at the condo for a few nights after a fight with his girlfriend.  However, Armando turns out to be the guest from hell, eating all his food and damaging prized possessions.  Meanwhile, Bridget finds a ring in Delroy’s office and assumes he’s planning on proposing.

Secret Swingers

Delroy and Bridget become friends with an overly-friendly couple, Ron and Tina.  Meanwhile, Latrell tells a joke on stage that was written by his “little brother” Jalen.  After the joke is a success, Jalen sues Latrell for joke jacking.

Business is Business

After Latrell is late on his rent yet again, he must face the consequences!   In retaliation, Latrell takes Delroy to a court show to resolve their differences.  Meanwhile, Fabian is perpetually on hold with the cable company.

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