Mel B’s Daughter Reveals She Witnessed Domestic Abuse Between Mother And Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte

by Brianna Moné Williams

December 3, 2018

Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Phoenix Gulzar-Brown, the oldest daughter of Mel B is speaking out about the singer’s relationship with ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. The 19-year-old admitted, “There are things I can’t forget,” when talking about the domestic abuse she witnessed her mother going through.

She told You Magazine of a time where she was either 14 or 15 years old, and could hear them fighting: “My mum came downstairs to the kitchen followed by Stephen. I looked through the crack halfway up the stairs – where I could just see the kitchen – to check if everything was OK, which it was, then returned to my room. I heard more screaming and her shouting, ‘Stop, get off,’ and heard little thumps. I went to the stairs again and saw Stephen with his pants down and my mum pushed over the couch. I froze, but then I just went back [to her room]. This was my family life.”

Wow, can you imagine a child seeing this go on for years?

Phoenix also recalls being called out of class at her boarding school in 2014, and driven to the hospital where her mother was recovering after an overdose for a suicide attempt. But throughout it all, she never questioned the spice girl wanting to leave her or her siblings: “I know she was going through hell but I never thought she’d think of leaving us.”

This isn’t the first time Mel B and the topic of domestic abuse has been brought up with her ex-husband. She cited domestic abuse as the reason for her filing for divorce from Belafonte last year. The television show host also opens up about her domestic abuse experiences, and her relationship with actor, Eddie Murphy in her new book, “Brutally Honest.”

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