Mark Adair-Rios


Mark Adair-Rios dropped out of college while studying to become an FBI agent to pursue acting professionally and has been a busy actor ever since. Adair-Rios was raised as a San Fernando Valley boy and his discreet Black Dominican and Scotch-Irish Danish descent have garnered him diversity roles that range from gang member to techno geek, psychotic killer to neurotic cop, and Latino convicts to LA transvestites.

His career began when cast as a child actor in a national Coke commercial. In the nearly 20 years since then, in TV, Mark’s tenure and craft have landed him such roles: a recurring cast member on CSI: Miami, Jericho, MDs, The Evidence, Baywatch Hawaii, and NYPD Blue (as Nicholas Torturro’s drug-addicted brother). Also a series regular on Legend, guest staring roles on Cold Case, Las Vegas, NCIS, ER, JAG, The Division, According to Jim, Charmed, Family Matters, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Threat Matrix, Cuts, Diagnosis for Murder, Tracey Takes On…, and many others.

In feature films, Mark has performed opposite Ben Stiller and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly, Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, Gabriel Byrne in Stigmata, Denzel Washington in Courage Under Fire, Eddie Murphy in Dr. Doolittle, Matthew Perry & Selma Hayek in Fool’s Rush In and in Speed 2 Crocodile Dundee In LA.

These days, you can catch Mark on TV One’s LOVE THAT GIRL.  His character “Adonis” keeps the laughs coming!

To keep his creative juices flowing, Mark turns to theatre. He has taught classical Children’s Theatre for over 7 years at the Loft Studio (formerly Peggy Feury’s Loft). He also studies there full-time (5 days a week) when not working on film or TV projects. He spends his spare time playing guitar, publishing his poetry, and engaging in new adventures.

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