Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: Meet The Georges

The premiere episode takes an in-depth look at the lives and careers of former Tennessee Titan running back, Eddie George, and his R&B singing wife, Taj. Get a history of their relationship, what’s happeing with Taj and SWV and take a trip to Ohio State University for Eddie’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

Episode 2: Reality Blitz

Married life with a professional athlete can often mean that challenges are around every corner. In this episode, Taj comes face-to-face with some of life’s hard challenges – and in more places than the gym.

Episode 3: Road Trip

In an effort to use her past experiences to help benefit others, Taj embarks on an East Coast tour for her Visions with Infinite Possibilities (V.I.P.) organization.  Stopping first in Atlanta, Eddie spends some quality time with his sons before Taj, Katrina, and LeLee (from SWV) head north for a camping trip with the girls.

Episode 4: Reunions

Taj takes a break from her busy life in Nashville and Los Angeles to reconnect with her closest friends on a “girls-only” camping escapade.  After camping Taj makes a special trip to visit her family, both past and present.

Episode 5: Career Evolution

Taj takes a look at her past with SWV as the group heads back to the studio to record for the first time in almost a decade.  Also, Eddie changes his game plan and makes move to transition from life on the gridiron to life as a businessman.

Episode 6: On The Move

Taj may live in Nashville for now, but if Eddie has his way the Georges may be uprooted and relocated to LA. This episode shows a little bit of the Nashville life that Taj might have to give up in exchange for the life she might have by following her husband to LA.

Episode 7: California Dreamin’

Eddie and Taj continue their LA travels and even take the time out to find some more sensual alternatives to Eddie’s rigorous EGX workouts.  After LA, it’s back to Ohio where Eddie has a special warm surprise for his wife.

Episode 8: Fierce Competition

Eddie finally buckles down and takes the GMAT while his wife gets the full college experience by taking a tour of OSU. After a few weeks on the EGX lifestlye, Eddie takes Taj rock climbing to see her progress before she tests his skills AND his patience on the golf green.

Episode 9: Deja Vu

Eddie relives some old college football memories through one of OSU’s landmark games of their season.  Also, the Georges relive their favorite moments from the entire I Married A Baller season.