Spinderella Remixes The Delfonics


I’m always interested in learning about artists of the past that have paved the way because I find that all successful groups seem to go thru similar situations like the behind-the-scenes dynamics.  Unsung reminded me of these interesting tid-bits.  That’s why I love watching this show and the Delfonics episode did NOT disappoint!

The Ups & Downs of the Biz

Even though the Delfonics were in a different time and a different era, their music remains classic and we can learn a lot from their lyrics.  The Delfonics and their soulful Philly sound were influenced by what was going on at the time but whose music gave people something different.  Their music spoke of love.

Think about. We were at war and many of our brothers were drafted.  The Delfonics wrote music to keep people together.  I thought that was beautiful.

What wasn’t beautiful was the absence of brotherly love from a group from the city of brotherly love that were REAL brothers!!!!!  You know that old school saying… “Money is the root of all evil,” and that so played out when you saw how the brothers feuded over funds. 

In my opinion, Wilbert Hart summed it up in a nutshell when he said “The group is the group DELFONICS, it wasn’t the DELFONIC.”

And let’s not forget the lawsuit!  Brother against brother in court!?!!! OH MY!!!! William Hart trademarked the name DELFONICS and said it could not be used without his permission.  Now, for-real-for-real, that is a smart BUSINESS MOVE but it is the RIGHT MOVE for someone that’s your brother? 

When group members begin fighting over money and management is riding in fancy cars and the group has nothing, it really makes you wonder WHY people want to get in the music business???? But the answer is simple – they want to do WHAT THEY LOVE and if they make it big be able to contribute to the household and live large.  That’s the AMERICAN DREAM. 

I can remember seeing their record label on A LOT of records.  The Delfonics wasn’t the only group not getting their fair share – believe THAT!


The Influence of the Delfonics

Say what you want about Poppa Joe Jackson but he is a master music marketer.  To find out that he took his kids (The Jackson 5) to meet with the Delfonics (and probably countless other great groups) so the boys could learn how to dress on stage and emulate was smart indeed!  

Creative Geniuses

The Delfonics were true song writers.  Their songs still stand the test of time!  To be able to take a baby’s word’s or a turbulent relationship and turn those life experiences into mega hit records (La La Means I Love You by William Hart and Hey Love by Wilbert Hart) is truly a creative mind at work.   Some of today’s artist that I see holding it down lyrically like the Delfonic’s William Hart and Wilbert Hart would be Ne-Yo and John Legend.

Photo of DELFONICS and Randy CAIN and William HART and Wilbert HART

Delfonics Moving Forward

It was sad to see that the families couldn’t come together even though they are currently working on similar projects but that’s what the business can do!!!  That’s the part that bothered me the most.  Hopefully one day SOON they can move forward and put the past behind them. 



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