The Manhattans

Photo of Manhattans

The Manhattans began as a five man doo wop group on a Jersey City street corner, and rose to become one of the most revered and enduring groups in R&B. At a  time when up-tempo disco beats ruled the charts, they held their own and then some, crafting such crossover hits, and enduring classics, as ‘Kiss and Say Goodbye’ and ‘Shining Star.’

But along the way they’ve had to weather the heartbreaking death of original lead singer George Smith, and the loss to a solo career of his replacement, Gerald Alston. Now in their sixth decade as a group, and with Alston re-joining original members ‘Blue’ Lovett and ‘Wally’ Kelley, they serenade audiences across the globe with trademark harmonies and tender love songs.
On this episode of ‘Unsung’, they tell – and sing – the story of their epic journey.