Spinderella Remixes Nile Rodgers & CHIC


First, I must say as a member of the hip hop community, I am forever grateful to Nile Rodgers & CHIC for their PROFOUND contributions to hip hop and ALL of music PERIOD.  There was a lot to take in watching this episode and I could see why it was chosen as the season finale.  Besides becoming disco royalty, belting out a slew of hits in such a short time as CHIC the band, Nile, Bernard and Tony were quickly becoming superstar producers in the world of pop.   Producing for stars like Diana, Madonna, David Bowie, Sister Sledge…Who has a list like that?!!!! 

Spinderella on CHIC & Hip Hop

To say CHIC’s music influenced hip hop, is an understatement!!!  One of their most notable disco hits, “Good Times” was single-handedly responsible for a whole genre of music.  It was popular in the early days of hip hop  for DJ’s to back-spin or loop the break down of a hot disco song.  MC’s would drop their finest free-styles over these breaks.  When the Sugar Hill Gang recorded “Rapper’s Delight,” utilizing CHIC’s original “Good Times” break, the sound of music was never the same!!!!! And, it proved to be one of the most important hip-hop songs recorded introducing a new sound called rappin’ to the masses.  


Nile Rodgers & CHIC’s music is best known for the break downs.  DJs LOVE that because they would take these breaks and play them back-to-back and loop them for a HOT set.  “Good Times” is one of those songs and why it was sampled in “Rapper’s Delight.”   When I first learned to DJ and do DJ tricks, I learned on the song “Good Times.”  The break down, the beats …it’s simply perfect!!!!!

Chic In Concert At The Palladium

Spinderella on the Magic of Nile Rodgers & CHIC 

Niles’ guitar skills (playing with Jimi Hendrix in his late teens) were equally as important as Bernard Edwards’ grooves and Tony Thompson’s drumming.  Together their music was incredible – mind blowing is the best way for me to describe it.

I can’t believe Clive Davis’ name didn’t pop up in this episode… LOL but you best believe he probably had his eye on the talents of CHIC for sure!!!!

It seems like Nile Rodgers & CHIC had a knack for taking every day or common occurrences and turning them into HIT songs that people could relate to.  They mastered the idea of taking the ordinary like being turned down at the door of a popular night club into a #1 hit song!  (“Freak Out”) 

Going from Rags to Riches

Everyone loves a great rags to riches story and Nile Rodgers and CHIC definitely had one!  They literally went from “Rags to Armani” as mentioned on Unsung.  Bernard bet his house literally and both Nile and Bernard pawned instruments to pay bills … I mean you never know who is going to be a mega-star in the beginning!!! I bet as a kid Nile probably just loved playing music PERIOD.  He is self-taught and what I would consider a prodigy.


The Genius Behind Nile Rodgers & CHIC

The members of CHIC were no dummies!!! It was pretty smart of them to put two sexy models on their first album cover to not be type casted.  I remember those album covers of the 70’s and although some groups used pictures of themselves just as many didn’t.  The 70’s were sexy!!!!   I mean it was out there in your face sexy (breasts, lips, etc.)  so CHIC was in style but genius at the same time.   And to play to the male radio programmer- that was no mistake either!!!!! Genius!  

Let’s Talk About Sex… Drugs and Rock & Roll

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Disco and Hip Hop … YES! YES! YES! YES!  I won’t sugar coat the music biz and drugs are definitely available but I loved how Nile approached  and spoke about his recovery.  When he said that he “approached recovery like how he approached music,” it really touched me.  That’s a profound statement right there!!!!


My Favorite CHIC Song & Their Legacy

I Want Your Love” hands down is my favorite Nile Rodgers & CHIC song!!!!! Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards not only had the hits as CHIC but EVERY song they produced for others catapulted that artist’s career!  They came in during disco and basically TOOK OVER.  Their groove is responsible for the hip hop moment and touched disco, pop, rock & roll, dance. Their sound went FULL CIRCLE.

I’m sad this season of Unsung is over and it definitely went out with a BANG!  I can’t wait until next season!!!!  I don’ know who will be profiled but I know its going to be HOT!

It’s been fun!