[WATCH] R. Kelly’s Youngest Brother Carey Reveals They Both Were Molested By Their Sister Theresa

by Krystal Franklin

January 9, 2019

Photo taken by YouTube screenshot

If you watched Lifetime’s #SurvivingRKelly documentary over the weekend, you learned first-hand R. Kelly and his youngest brother Carey were molested during their childhood. In a 2012 interview with Tavis Smiley, the singer opened up about the abuse, keeping the abuser’s name quiet.

“I’m not going to throw any of my people, my family, under a bus, but I feel I owe my fans at least enough for them to have an understanding of what I went through. I was molested from 7 to about 13 or 14 by people in my family… I know I became sexual at an early age because of that.”

Now, Carey is opening up about the details of his rape that he says happened between the ages of six and 12. In December 2018, he spoke with radio personality Tasha K, finally revealing his oldest sister Theresa was behind the molestation of both brothers.

“If we didn’t listen to her or if we didn’t do what she said, it would be some type of reason why we couldn’t go out and play with the other kids, to keep us in the house. She never kept me and Robert in the house at the same time. I really didn’t notice right away when Robert was being held in the house. I can’t remember when that took place but it had to be before I turned seven. I noticed he was in the house and I get to go outside now.”

Carey also reveals as the weeks went by Theresa was more aggressive.

“When I came in the room, she was in a robe and she opened up her robe. She didn’t have anything on up under the robe and she told me to come over to her. As a kid in my mind, I’m confused because I know this is my sister. I’m six. I know this [is] wrong, and she’s way older than me,” Carey recalled. “At first, I thought she was playing, but she was insistent on me coming over to her and I was hesitant and she grabbed my arm. She took my hand and started rubbing it on her private part and I started crying.  I guess that kind of scared her. Then she told me to go back to the living room. That was the first time she attempted to test the waters, so to speak. “

When asked if he’d ever told his mother about the abuse he said, “I tried to find a way to tell my mom in a way where she wouldn’t be looking at me like I had done something wrong. I said, ‘Do you have to go to work? Do you have to go to school? Can you stay home today?’ She was like, ‘What’s wrong, baby?’ And I was like ‘I miss you.’ It was a call out for help, but in my way, it was like sending a bat signal, hoping that she would get it without me really saying it…  I never found the strength to tell [my mother] what was happening to me. I regret that now.”

We want to make it clear that while this doesn’t excuse Robert’s behavior, it certainly provides context to his alleged sexual deviancies. This week Tank, Omarion and Ne-Yo called out the singer loudly and essentially apologized to their fans for ignoring the accusations. And while it may be truly hard to mute the superstar singer, his streaming sales have risen 16% according to Spotify. For those seeking justice, TMZ says a criminal investigation has been opened in Georgia.

You can watch the entire interview below, but please, listen at your own risk and not around children.

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