Texas Man Kills Three Young Children, Including One Of His Own, With Unexpected Household Tools

by Brianna Moné Williams

January 15, 2019

Photo courtesy of Texas City Police Department via AP

Junaid Hashim Mehmood is currently facing three charges related to several fatal murders: capital murder of multiple people, capital murder of a child under 10 years old, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to an arrest statement by the Galveston County court in Texas, he admitted to killing three young children, one of them being his own, with just a screwdriver and a hammer.

The police were called after Mehmood’s brother found blood on the walls and floor of the 27-year-old’s apartment. When they arrived, authorities found three deceased children, and Kimaria Nelson, Junaid’s girlfriend covered in blood on the floor. She was then taken to the hospital and deemed to be in serious, but stable condition. It has also been reported that Nelson was the mother of the three children: 16-week-old Ashanti Mehmood, 2-year-old Prince Larry Brown, and 5-year-old Angela Pilot.

In turning himself in, the father of one allegedly told the police that he stabbed Prince Larry Brown in the heart and chest several times with a screwdriver, according to court documents. He also admitted to striking Angela on the head with a hammer, and stabbing her with a screwdriver, which broke one of her arms. Interestingly enough, he confessed to killing Ashanti, but could not remember how he did it, and also to shooting his girlfriend in the face with a pellet gun.

After his multi-person murder, Junaid made a cringing Facebook post saying: “I’m sorry…I was a great man to everyone…I do apologize ohh and thanks for firing me. Sorry to my family and my girlfriend family and most of all sorry to queen Kimaria Nelson.” His post leads police to believe that getting fired was his motive for the killings.

This isn’t the first time that a parent has had to witness the murder of their own child. Just last year, Mickhal Garrett had to face his mother and her boyfriend in court after they allegedly beat his 4-year-old daughter to death.

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