One-On-One With Diva LaTavia


By: Kia E. Jefferson, Senior Producer

Original Destiny Child member LaTavia Roberson chats it up with TVONE.TV to spill a little tea about her joining the cast of R&B Divas, the new love in her life and why see’s the sweetheart to watch out for!

TVONE.TV:  Congrats on your baby girl!  How are you adjusting to mommy-hood?

DIVA LATAVIA:  Thank-you!  Her name is Lyric, my little music note.   She is 8 months old now and mommy-hood has been SOMETHING because she keeps me up at night.  I don’t get a lot of sleep but I love my baby to the fullest!  It’s been one of the most HUMBLING experiences but I am TIRED [laughs]!!!!

TVONE.TV:  Besides having a beautiful baby girl, what have you been up too? 

DIVA LATAVIA:  A lot!!! But my major project is my love letter to my fans, I am writing a book.  I really want them to know what’s been going on with me for the past 10 years and my life as a whole.  I’ve experienced some serious issues both in childhood and as an adult and I feel like the things God has allowed me to go through weren’t about me or for me to just keep to myself.  I’m supposed to share it!!! I have this platform and have gone through these experiences because someone, somewhere needs to hear it; they need to hear that they’re not alone in whatever similar situation they’re going through and that they absolutely can and will come out victorious!!!   I don’t have a problem being transparent and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.  My book is a work in progress but it’s coming!!!   I’ve also been focusing on my acting career, I’ve done a couple plays over the last several months and am now ready to get back to film & TV.  I’m also very passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness since my mother was diagnosed in 2010.  She is currently in remission and I couldn’t feel more blessed.  Also I just began working on a preemie infant clothing line.  When my daughter was born she was so tiny and the only thing we could find for her were plain white onesies, and even those were too big!!!  After experiencing the need for this, naturally a little light bulb went on in my head :).

TVONE.TV:  Finish this sentence –   You won’t catch LaTavia without her ___________.

DIVA LATAVIA:  LG Personal Assistant (blue tooth).  Since my baby girl is crawling over everything these days my blue tooth keeps me mobile and on the go!!!!

TVONE.TV:  So what made you take the reality TV “plunge” and join R&B Divas?

DIVA LATAVIA:  I feel like this opportunity was a Godsend especially at THIS time.  I could not have asked for God to do something better for me and R&B Divas just landed in my lap!

TVONE.TV:  Wow!  Diva Michel’le from R&B Divas: LA basically said the same thing last year!

DIVA LATAVIA:  Wow!  Did she??… I know for myself I can honestly say this opportunity is a real blessing.  I’m really looking forward to adding this experience to my career.  It’s such an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of something with so many wonderful women. 

TVONE.TV:  What will R&B Diva viewers learn about you this season?

DIVA LATAVIA:  People will see me just being me!  I am sweet but I am also someone who’s capable of standing her ground.  You’ll see!  I’m sassy  [I’ve been told] and charmingly southern but at the same time, let me tell you, I’ve had to get into my “diva” character to show people that the kindness is super genuine but not a weakness 🙂

TVONE.TV:  Which cast member are you closest too? Who’s your favorite Diva?

DIVA LATAVIA:  Meelah and I have been friends forever.  I just went to her son Zac’s 5th birthday party about 2 weeks ago and she was at my baby shower.  KeKe and I have grown throughout the process but I love ALL the ladies and I’m not just saying that!!!!

TVONE.TV:  Which diva would you let watch your baby girl?

DIVA LATAVIA:   KeKe has watched my baby!!!! Syleena has had some great moments with her as well.  Her aunty Angie surprised her with a truckload of gifts when we were in Hawaii too!

TVONE.TV:  What was it like taping R&B Divas

DIVA LATAVIA:   It was a brave new experience; filming reality tv is such a wild ride!!  I have not been in front of the camera for so long but I have learned so much from ALL the divas.  Being with women who understand and have experienced in the [music] business the way we do, was a real joy!!!!

DIVA LATAVIA:  I just wanted to add a special thank-you to all the supporters that never gave up on me and have been checking for me over the years!  I am so humbled and grateful to be back out here again!

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