So THIS Is The Reason Lil’ Mo Stays With Her Cheating Husband Karl Durgan- Does She Have A Point? [WATCH]

by Krystal Franklin

February 22, 2019

Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

There are TONS of reasons women stay in relationships when they know they’re partner may be cheating or has cheated. Lil’ Mo‘s reasoning, however, can be described as questionable for some. Let’s get you up to speed. Mo and her husband Karl Durgan (who unfortunately suffered a miscarriage last year) in are on the newest season of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition and in the last episode, Durgan was caught FaceTiming another woman by the 20 cameras in the house. He can even be heard saying, “tell me you love me.”

As you know with most reality shows, they’re filmed months in advance and currently, Mo and Karl are still married, despite his obvious. But it’s her explanation on this week’s episode of why she continues to put up with this type of behavior that leaves us baffled. “If I let him go he’s going to be in jail or dead. I’m his damn guardian angel.” Oh. Watch below.

Let me start by saying I believe in redemption and forgiveness, but this just seems…careless. While there are no “respectable” ways to cheat, doing so in this fashion feels as if there is no regard for their relationship. And it’s obvious he knows she’s not going to leave (remember their appearance on Couple’s Court in 2017?) . Watch what Karl had to say when confronted about the mysterious FaceTime.

This would be a perfect time to insert a Superwoman joke, but people’s pain isn’t funny. It’s just sad. Damn sad.

TELL US: Fair or foul?

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