New Footage: Sandra Bland Recorded Her Own Video of Traffic Stop, Family Wants Case Re-Opened

by Taylor Staggers

May 7, 2019

Photo by Erik Mcgregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Never before seen cellphone footage from the infamous 2015 traffic stop of Sandra Bland was made public on Monday.

This new video, recorded by Bland, shows the interaction from her perspective. Included is the terrifying moment where former Trooper Brian Encinia points his stun gun at close range and yelling “I will light you up.”

Bland’s family says this is their first time learning of and viewing the video. They are demanding the original investigation be re-opened, claiming the footage shows she was not a threat to the officer. However, Texas officials are saying that the video was made available in 2017 and they are not sure why the family had not seen it. Back in 2016, a settlement was reached for almost $2 million in a wrongful death case.  

This routine traffic stop in Texas gained national attention when news of the black 28-year-old’s arrest and death, ruled as a suicide, was made public. The police dashcam footage and details surrounding her controversial detainment and suspicious death were the cause of national protests regarding police brutality and mistreatment of black citizens.

Photo by Erik Mcgregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Here is the original dashcam video from July 13, 2015.

Another round of sadness and outrage was unleashed when Officer Encinia’s perjury charges were dropped in exchange for his agreeance to never work in law enforcement again.

In the four years since the Illinois native’s passing, her story has become a staple in the Black Lives Matter movement and has been highlighted in many projects including Viola Davis“Two Sides” presented by TV One. Watch it here.

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