Diva KeKe Talks New Music & More: Season 3 Ep. 7



“The best way to describe my sound is, it’s like a pot of GUMBO!”

R&B Divas:  Atlanta Season 3

Episode 7:  “ Can’t I Just Be KeKe”

Celebrity Blogger:  Diva KeKe

Diva KeKe takes time out from promoting her new EP to dish on R&B Divas: ATL episode #7- “Can’t I Just Be KeKe.”  Straight, no chaser,  Ms. KeKe talks new music, the deal with the new Divas and MORE!

New Music

I am out on the road promoting my new EP right now and it’s been a lot of work but I LOVE every minute of it.  Right now I’m in Maryland, and then DC and then next is Philly.  I’m doing a lot of radio interviews and a couple of performances of my new music.  It’s ROUGH out here for an artist but I’m pushing thru!!!! I’ve definitely been working hard on my name and my brand!!!!


Diva KeKe’s Fan Appreciation Event

The idea of my fan appreciation event was born because I really wanted to give back to my fans and let them know how much they mean to me!!!!   On this episode you see me singing my new song “Lie Under You,”  which everyone, including me, has renamed “You,” and the feedback was AMAZING!  I wrote that song from MY HEART and I wanted my fans to feel that!

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit R&B

The best way to describe my sound is, it’s like a pot of GUMBO! 🙂   It literally is!!!! Whatever you want, it’s IN there.  You want some Pop – it’s there, you want R&B – it’s in there, you want Country – it’s IN THERE.  Even Hip-Hop.  It’s ALL in there!!!


To Sing or NOT to Sing?!!!!

On this episode you see all of us at rehearsal and if it looks like I’m sticking up for LaTavia, I AM!  I wasn’t getting smart or cussing at Angie as it may have appeared but I was definitely sticking up for my girl.  At the end of the day LaTavia is a grown a** woman and if she don’t want to sing, she doesn’t have too.

Sometimes, I don’t’ want to sing and I don’t! Period!!!!!

A lot of people have tried to say that LaTavia is not an R&B Diva and for the record, YES SHE IS!  She was a part of one of the most major girl groups EVER!


Diva KeKe Talks NEW Divas

Both Meelah and LaTavia are really sweet, nice and cool!  We really chill out together outside of the show.  I LOVE me some LaTavia’s baby!  LOL!  Baby Lyric is sooooo juicy!!! LOL! I call her my SUGAR LUMP BUMP!  I didn’t mind singing (“I See Jesus”)  at Meelah’s Autism awareness benefit at all for her son Zac!  I got a lot of comments about singing gospel.  Someone even told me, maybe my GRAMMY is in Gospel… who knows?


Diva KeKe Billboard SIZE

On this episode you see my reaction to my billboard and I must admit it was BOMB DIGGITY GOOD!  Michael did a GREAT job!  When I saw it, I was thinking this is NICE!  It sure will be nice to see this in NYC!!!

Diva KeKe on Grammy-Nominations & Faith

The Grammy nomination is what it is!  I love Faith and she is my friend!!!! People need to understand that business is business and if I’m not paying attention, then that’s stupidity on my part!  If I could change it, I would.  That doesn’t make Faith a bad person- NOT AT ALL.  She is a smart business woman and I need to put on my smart business hat from now on!


Who You Calling CRAZY?!

I hear all the CRAZY talk!  I struggle like most but I am not CRAZY like that, I am just too real… We all have some crazy stuff and people see me working it out dramatically on television.  So much has happened to me in my life and I pray and seek guidance and forgiveness each and every day!

– KeKe-





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