Diva Meelah Talks Motherhood & More: Season 3 Ep. 6



"To all my mommies out there …don’t compare your kid to any other kid.”  

R&B Divas:  Atlanta Season 3

Episode 6:  “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

Celebrity Blogger:  Diva Meelah

Diva Meelah opens up about two of her proudest accomplishments – motherhood and her Foundation while keeping it real about her life off the set of R&B Divas.


My Autism Benefit

In this episode, you see me working HARD on my first event to benefit Autism awareness thru my foundation P.R.O.U.D. (Parents Reaching Out to Understand Developmental Delays).  I was working on this event even prior to taping R&B Divas.  As a recording artist, I am use to people running around on my behalf but now I’m the one running around and its A LOT of WORK!!!! This is NEW to me!!!  Thank goodness for my manager Cory Taylor!!! He definitely stepped it up and helped a sista shine!!!! I was trying to be superwoman and do it alone but it definitely takes a village!  


Diva Meelah Shares Behind-The-Scenes Tea 

There were some moments during this episode that might have you questioning if my event was a success but I am pleased to report it WAS!!!! The DJ started spinning everyone’s songs and it ended up being a 90’s jam session! Ronnie DeVoe from New Edition / Bell Biv DeVoe; his wife Shamari, lead singer from Blaque along with 112 members Michael Keith & Q Parker and RL from Next were in the house. Musiq  Soulchild sang like 2-3 songs and we even performed our new duet Give It To You" together.


Diva Meelah on Being Grateful For The Divas

I am definitely grateful that the divas graced the stage at my P.R.O.U.D. Foundation Autism awareness benefit event because at the end of the day, they didn’t have to sing AT ALL! The DJ started playing everyone’s songs  and the rest is history!  LOL!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more! 

What you didn’t see on the show is when Angie took the mic and started singing her song “Brotha”- it HIT ME and I got a little emotional!! When Angie started singing the lyrics … “Black brotha, I love ya… there is no one above ya” … I couldn’t help but think about my son Zac.  Autism really hits males the hardest.  (*Boys were almost 5 times more likely to be identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

*SOURCE:  http://www.cdc.gov/features/dsautismdata/


The BIG Ask & Wedding Dress Shopping

I feel like I needed to ask if I was invited to the wedding!!!!!  How presumptuous would it be of me to think I’m invited!!!! NOT!!!!!  I ASKED!!!! I needed to know before I got my ticket to Hawaii HUNTY… OK!!!! I didn’t know the details…. Like how many people she was going to invite or how intimate a ceremony she was planning so I was like let me just go ahead while we are in this cute shop looking at cute dresses and ASK!  I mean, do I need to be looking for a dress to attend?  I needed to know!!!!  Monifah tried on a several lovely dresses that day but she left empty handed.  But, she did see some things that she liked!!!!!


Diva Meelah on Mothering a Special Needs Child

On this episode you see me taking my son Zac to his weekly therapy session.  His sessions last about one hour and is "co-treatment" so it includes speech and occupational therapy which go hand-in-hand. He LOVES going! For him it’s like an hour of playtime but it’s actually exercises that are helpful for his language and motor skills development.  Most of the time, I let him do his thing without me and then I get a report from the instructors – I like it better like that.  I think he works better when I’m not all in his face. LOL! 

During this episode I share that I sometimes get frustrated because Zac can’t always communicate what he wants but this is not to be confused with my infinite love for him just the way he is! As parents we want the best for our children and ALL parents get frustrated whether they’re raising a special needs child or not!!! My frustration comes because I see the potential in Zac and I know he is so smart and capable. A lot of Autistic children are nonverbal and as a mom you naturally want your child to be able to verbally converse with you. However, the fact that Zac is here is such a blessing that I love him regardless and am THANKFUL either way!


Dropping My Living Arrangement Bomb on KeKe

The day I went to visit KeKe, it was COLD!  Like 20 degrees with a chance of snow (thus the BIG turtleneck)!!! I had like no time to get my make-up done & barely time to do it myself so I have the bare minimal on. LOL!!!! I was hesitant to drop my living arrangement bomb on KeKe but it helped me to know that she too had a similar situation.  At the end of the day, WE ALL go thru stuff. Musiq and I have our ups & downs, highs & lows like everyone else. We are NOT exempt. 

But the good thing is we remain friends.  Although our title has changed, we are still in a relationship because we are raising our son. We have been in each other’s lives for six years and love each other and our son. I am just grateful that we can be friends, work together and co-habitat. 


Diva Meelah on Motherly Advice & More

I am happy to report that since filming R&B Divas, Zac’s communication has made some progress!  He now says "I want" and most of the time will complete the sentence!! The funny thing is, he’s pretty low maintenance!  All he ever wants is something to drink or my iPad, which he can work better than me!!! LOL!

To all my mommies out there, I generally don’t like to give advice on parenting being that I’m learning everyday, but if I could advise anything I’d say don’t compare your kid to any other kid. They are who they are and how they are for a reason and there’s only ONE of them! I know we are human and it’s easy to do but kids are special in their own individual way.