Diva Monifah on Marriage & Love: Season 3 Ep. 10


I encourage people to learn the meaning of the word LOVE…

R&B Divas:      Atlanta Season 3

Episode 10:     "Gett’n Married Now”

Celebrity Blogger:  Diva Monifah

We saved the best for last!  Diva Bride Monifah shares all the behind-the-scenes TEA of her and Terez’s beautiful wedding day in this TVONE.TV exclusive season finale blog.  Find out what she really thought of that CRAZY bachelorette bash, her untraditional wedding dress and marrying the love of her LIFE!


That CRAZY Bachelorette Bash!

My bachelorette party was HILARIOUS!  I got a lot of cute gifts that I am definitely going to use! Angie got me these leather wrapped hoop earrings that I LOVE!  I was so worried about two straight women (Syleena and KeKe) giving me a party!  I saw that “coochie” cake and was like OMG this is where it goes WRONG! LOL!!!  I kept throwing napkins over the cake because I didn’t want to see that v-j-j!  LOL!!! Too much but FUNNY!  The strippers were a nice touch.  We were literally lighting a**’s on fire and Syleena was throwing money!!  I was laughing SO HARD I could not breathe!!!! And I had too much fun on the stripper pole in that class with the girls!  I STILL got something in my bag of tricks!  LOL!!!!  


Hawaii or Bust!

I LOVE Hawaii!  That is like my 5th time going there.  The first time I went to Hawaii, I was only 11 years old. My favorite island is Maui but that didn’t work out so we planned our big day in Waikiki.  The trip over all was AMAZING!  We all flew First class and sat with the Diva’s around us. I was so excited! I was like…this is this MY life!???? I’m on a plane with my love and the Diva’s Hawaii bound to get married with a CAMERA CREW!!!!! WOW!

We had JUST finished “One Night Only” and we were proud that it was such a success.  We got thru it but we definitely needed some down time.  The flight from LA to Hawaii is about 5-6 hours.  We relaxed, slept, ate and watched movies until we landed!!!!

It was raining when we got there but that’s GOOD LUCK!  Of course I wanted sunshine but I sucked it up!  I was in Hawaii about to marry the love of my life and the sun could come out at any moment and for our day, it did!  The drinks you see us having at the hotel lobby during check-in were OFF THE CHAIN! It was some type of cucumber lemonade and very refreshing.  It definitely perked me up although it was raining!!!


Diva Monifah’s Wedding Extravaganza

Purple is my FAVORITE color so to incorporate that was a no brainer but Terez and I came up with the look and feel of our big day TOGETHER.  Purple means a lot to me and has helped me thru my healing from addiction.  I really appreciate the meaning behind the color purple.  It stands for many things but most important to me, is its connection to strength, royalty, wisdom, creativity and  peace.  Terez and I incorporated amethyst crystal in the wedding (as a wedding gift to our guest) because that also has a special meaning to us.  Amethyst is a stone used for healing.  My engagement ring is amethyst and diamonds.  Terez and I LOVED everything from the flowers to the food. We couldn’t have pulled it off without our AMAZING Wedding Producer, Brit Bertino!  Go Brit!!! 

Wedding Day VIBES

Keeping it 100, I have to say that you just can’t control other people’s VIBES and everybody isn’t always in a space to celebrate with you – let’s be clear on that LOL … and  that was a major concern of mine EARLIER in the season.  I did NOT want the day to be about anyone else except for ME and MY WIFE and based on earlier situations I was afraid that might not be the outcome.  I did extend an invitation to all the ladies because at the end of the day, I work and care about them, I have respect for them and their talent and we are friends.  We can work thru ANYTHING!  The day turned out to be BEAUTIFUL.  There was a wonderful vibe and energy in the air.  The divas were very helpful and considerate.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  


Diva Monifah on Being a BLACK Bride

I’m not traditional AT ALL so you would never see me in a big white or off white dress.  Black is one of my favorite colors so why not????  The dress is a combination of three dresses I liked. Black is chic, elegant and sexy.  I sketch out my idea and with the help Gisele James, Couturiere (who you saw in episode #8) and it was just what I wanted!  I kept my look very simple and understated on purpose because I wanted my dress to be the statement.  I wore drop diamond earrings and I didn’t need a necklace with the neck line of the gown.  


Was LIPO Worth It?

I had my liposuction surgery EXACTLY 2 months and 3 days before I walked down the aisle.  We got married February 8 and the surgery took place December 5.  I really don’t remember too much about the surgery.  I was in a twilight trance so I was somewhat awake but I was numb in the stomach area.  I’m not saying it didn’t hurt but I really don’t remember having pain. Lipo was the cosmetic touch I wanted while enduring my exercise regime. You know, for those area’s that need a lil extra assistance *Wink* along with healthy eating.  But for the record, it was DEFINITELY worth it to me !!!


Wedding Vows & Speaking From the Heart

Terez and I both agreed that we should write our own vows. That was our idea together for sure. But what you don’t know is, I wrote my vows THAT MORNING!!!  I wrote them and printed them up to look nice and that is exactly how I wanted it.  I wanted to speak organically, let it flow and be in the moment! 

I communicate very well thru written word, so I was confident that I could convey my feelings about Terez.  I prayed and asked to be able to say what was in my heart.

Motivating Divas to Marry & Marriage Advice

If the ladies want to marry or renew their vows, I say go for it!  That’ a GOOD THING!  If that’s something you want to do and have that experience then you should.  It’s a great experience to have with your partner and in my opinion, it fortifies your connection.

Marriage is based on a foundation of FRIENDSHIP because love is NOT enough, it’s never enough.  Your relationship must have trust, respect and loyalty as well.  We throw the word “love” around loosely!  I encourage people to learn the meaning of THAT word and apply it to your relationship.  No one can make you happy; you are responsible for your OWN happiness. Do understand that Love is not "straight" or gay, LOVE is LOVE. We should all have the courage and fortitude to actively love each other as God loves ALL of us. 


What’s NEXT for Diva Monifah

By the time you read this, I will have just performed at Baltimore’s African American Festival.  I am opening for Mint Condition and excited!   I’m also promoting my new single “The Other Side.”  I have some endeavors underway so I’m busy and just LIVING my life! 

Marriage life with Terez is GREAT.  We are already planning our 1st honeymoon!  It’s tradition that you give paper the first year so we are planning a trip (paper = tickets) to island hop in the South of Fiji!!!!

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