John Singleton’s Mother and Ex Tosha Riea Say His Girlfriend Rayvon Jones Never Called 911 To Save Him

by Taylor Handberry Staggers

August 12, 2019

Still mourning the death of John Singleton, the famed director’s mother Shelia Ward and ex Tosha Riea have spoken out, sharing that more could have been done to save his life.

Riea, the mother of two of Singleton’s children took to Instagram sharing screenshots of a Facebook post from Ward.

Though Ward did not explicitly name anyone in her message, Riea accused Rayvon Jones of withholding medical attention and eventually abandoning him.


Using her caption to summarize Ward’s message, the talent manager stated that Jones failed to call for medical help despite his failing health.

“For more than 24 hours, she watched him foam at the mouth from a stroke and later bleed from an aneurysm.”

She went on to say that Jones dropped him off at the hospital anonymously and headed out of town.

“She dropped him off at the hospital, abandoned him, and hopped on a flight to Houston. A man that was loved and admired by many was dropped off anonymously like he was a John Doe.”

Jones has responded, denying these allegations. She told TMZ that she never saw the 51-year-old regurgitate blood and that she didn’t call for an ambulance because the father of seven thought he was ill from food poisoning.

Jones was Singleton’s girlfriend at the time of his death and is the mother to his youngest child, Seven.

Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Though Ward says she remains upset at the loss of her son, she ended her message saying she has chosen not to put the blame on anyone.

“Don’t blame them I [feel] so sorry for them because they must live with that. “

Earlier this year we reported that The Snowfall creator had fallen into a coma after suffering a stroke. He remained in this state for almost two weeks before his family decided to remove him from life support. 

Following Singleton’s death, DL Hughley reflected on his life and legacy during his self titled late-night show.

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