[WATCH] Dallas Austin Says Boyz II Men Became ‘Assholes’ After First Album, Says Russian Government Hid Michael Jackson

by Krystal Franklin

September 3, 2019

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Super producer and the 2019 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Dallas Austin must’ve been sipping on whatever truth serum Quincy Jones was last year, because during an interview last month, he told ALL of everyone’s business, including why he stopped working with Boyz II Men after producing their first album that went on to sell nine million copies, introducing Biggie and Michael Jackson for the first time and that time Monica allegedly punched Brandy in the face before their 1998 MTV Video Music Award performance and  much, much more.

On why he only worked with Boyz II Men once after producing their first album:

“I didn’t like them after that…these guys are assholes. It was ridiculous how drastic an ego change it was. During the session, Babyface comes.  He opens the laptop up and all of us are sitting around. He starts singing I’ll Make Love To You. After singing Boyz II Men said, ‘this is why we don’t need you, this is horrible.”


The advice 2Pac gave Left Eye to create her “bad girl” image and how it hurt the group:

“2Pac told her a long time ago If they’re not talking bad about you, they’re not saying nothing about you. She would kind of act out even more after that. The image of the group became way bigger because of that.”

How the Russians hid Michael Jackson while recording:

“It’s kind of him against the United States. When they were looking for him everywhere and the plane was landing in different states. The Russian government basically hid him. He wrote Stranger In Moscow in this hotel while he was watching himself on TV.”

On setting up a meeting between Michael Jackson and Biggie.

“He said, I really want a rapper. I need someone hard. I call Puff and he wants Biggie to do a rap…Michael comes in and hears it and he goes oh my God this is perfect, this exactly what I wanted to say.” So if you listen to This Time Around you’ll hear Biggie with all of the gangster lyrics.”

Wow. This isn’t the first time Austin has spilled little known secrets. After losing Kim Porter earlier this year, he revealed the pair were once in a relationship and that Zoe Saldana‘s role in Drumline was even inspired by their romance.

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