Eddie Kendricks


The Temptations had it going ON!  They raised the standard for male groups; not just black groups.  HELLO!  Eddie had a part in their styling, their sound and that’s why we have had so many successful male groups, New Edition from  my era, for example. I’m sure they all looked to The Temptations for style and grace.

The Longevity of Eddie Kendricks

Eddie Kendricks broke barriers as a member of The Temptations but then he went on to have a successful solo career.  He basically had TWO careers.  That’s what every artist dreams of and not everyone can say they achieved that!

I might not have been around back in The Temptations era but I know the impact that group had on music as a whole. His talent, his swagger and his unique voice will live on forever!  Keep on Truckin’ Baby!!!!!


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