Isaac Hayes


Spinderella on Isaac’s Love for the Ladies & Activism

Isaac had maaad women… Did ya’ll hear me?  MAAAD women as in A LOT…more than A LOT!!!! After every other commercial break, there’s a new wife! LOL!!!!  FYI…Men ain’t the only one with groupies… During my Salt-N-Pepa days, we ladies had our share…and I’ll leave it at that.

Isaac seemed to have the women of the 70’s on lock and I see why.  All that ‘Hot Buttered Soul’ pouring through his music, along with that sexy deep voice and of course, the bald head didn’t hurt! 

I love how this Unsung episode was informative in depicting Isaacs’ activism and concern for the upliftment of the Black community. If only more artists of today could take a page from his journey. Isaacs’ career climbed throughout the 70’s, when artists were only seen through their music, performances or occasional interview. 


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