The One List: Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice
Year: 1993
Director: John Singleton
Cast: Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Regina King, Joe Torry, Khandi Alexander
Why It Deserves Your Vote: Singleton’s next film after his historic Boyz N the Hood switched focus from a testosterone-fueled tale of inner-city angst to a female-centered, almost pastoral road trip. It what was Janet Jackson’s big screen debut as Justice, a quiet but ornery hair dresser who accompanies her friends for a trip to Oakland and is set up with an affable mailman (Tupac Shakur). Though the film is primarily concerned with Justice and her journey to let others in, audiences and critics were taken with Tupac’s performance which was both sensitive and brutal. Ultimately, the film deals with how we all struggle with past pain and how sometimes getting away from it only makes it come back stronger. CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!